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Diagnose & the method






According to the regulations of EU rules and Dutch laws on herbal pills, every product that we import from India or other countries must be registered and certified. At the same time, we need to prove how the plants are grown, how the plants are dried, and how they are harvested. For these reasons at this moment we have no financial or manpower to fulfill all the requirements in the short term. The best solution for us is to continue using the food supplements produced by Padma AG, in Switzerland . They are a registered company with all the certificates and documents on all their products. The food supplements are made according to the old Tibetan receipts. Padma AG guarantees the quality and safety of their products. Thank you for your understanding.


Who can benefit from Tibetan Medicine?

  Anyone who wants to support the daily health can visit the Tibetan amchi. From origin, Tibetan amchies are educated in all the aspects of the human body and mind. The methods of diagnosis and treatment focuses on particular illnesses and the general condition. The essence of Tibetan medicine is keeping the balance between mind and body. It will be useful for the individuals to practice the breathing exercises, stretching exercises and meditation to keep healthier and happy life. 


Method of Diagnosis

A Tibetan amchi uses the following diagnostic methods:


A visual diagnosis, consisting mainly of examination of the urine, eyes and tongue, the pulse diagnosis and questioning the patient. The pulse diagnosis is performed by the amchi placing his fingers in several different positions on the wrists to feel the pulses. He can then feel the state of the energies and their balance as well as the condition of the internal organs. The communication between the amchi and the patient is very important because it reveals additional information about the nature of the patient's complaints. In certain cases, amchi will press specific points on the body, which not only provides further information on the patient's condition, but it's effect is also an energy-balancing treatment. 

Method of Treatment

After making his diagnosis, the Tibetan amchi will explain to the patient the nature of his or her energy imbalances. Then he will offer specific advice about food and behaviour appropriate for the patient's condition. There are also other traditional Tibetan methods of treatment such as the Golden Hammer, the Golden Needle and cupping, which are rarely used in the West.


Tibetan medicine can be combined with Western medicine, as long as the instructions are followed. You are being advised, besides the treatment of the Tibetan amchi, to continue your treatments at the general practitioner or specialist. 

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