Tibetan Medicine is a holistic approach to healing in which the balance between body and mind determines the state of health. This balance is maintained by three types of energy which regulate all of the functions in the body. These three energies are; Loong, Tripa and Badkan.

1 - 2 days before the consultation;

Do not take alcohol, coffee and do not eat spicy food. Avoid strenuous physical activities and mental strain. Take a good rest and get a proper sleep.

What to bring along;

Collect your first morning urine in a transparent glass or plastic jar. Make sure the container is clean, otherwise the urine will be contaminated and it could change the colour.

Is this your first consultation?

If yes, then fill these two forms, print and bring along with you on the day of your consultation. You could also send it upfront via email  (ltsona@xs4all.nl) if unable to print.

Download the forms here:


After a very successful workshops given in 2019, more information about 2020 workshops are coming soon.......


The workshop will be given in English. There is room for maximum 10 people per workshop.

Date: Saturday, 16th November 2019

Place: De Gasperisingel 18, 6716 RB, Ede

Price: 75,- per person per workshop inclusive lunch and tea

Reservation: 0318622580 / ltsona@xs4all.nl

Amchi Lobsang Tsultrim

De Gasperisingel 18 

6716 RB, Ede (Gld)


email: ltsona@xs4all.nl


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"As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all beings"

H.H. The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

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