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Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine is a holistic approach to healing in which the balance between body and mind determines the state of health. This balance is maintained by three types of energy which regulate all of the functions in the body:

  • Loong (wind energy)
  • Tripa (heat energy)
  • Badkan (cold energy)

- Loong regulates all movement in the body, which includes breathing, the movement of the muscles, blood circulation, the nervous system and the emotions.

- Tripa is the energy that regulates the body temperature, digestion and complexion.

- Badkan energy is responsible for the fluid systems of the body, such as the lymph system, mucus, and gastric and intestinal juices.

A person is healthy when these three energies are in balance. If this state of dynamic equilibrium is disturbed, then complaints or diseases can arise. The most common causes of such a disturbance are an unwholesome diet, improper behaviour, changes in the climate, and mental conditions.

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