Agenda 2019

17th Dec - 1st Jan

4th - 6th Feb

7th Feb

10th March


21st March

30th March

19th - 22nd April


27th April

5th May

11 May

14th - 23rd June

6th July

18th July - 18th Aug

14th September

16th November

Practice closed (Winter vacation)


Tibetan New Year


Lecture on "Diet" according to Tibetan Medicine


60th Tibetan Uprising Day

Lecture on Lifestyle - key factors to keep body and mind in harmony

Indigestion with focus on autoimmune disease, Zurich

Easter holiday

the Netherlands King's Day


16th year of Practice for Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Ede, the Netherlands


How to overcome the negative emotions, Venlo

Retreat - Jaun, Switzerland

84th birthday of His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

Summer vacation


Tibetan Medicine workshop in Ede. [Workshop 1]


Tibetan Medicine workshop in Ede. [Workshop 2]

The workshops in Ede will be given in English.

Cost: €75,-
per person per workshop



There are only 10 seats available per workshop.

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