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The consultation will last for approximately half an hour. Please arrive about 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, so that you can sit quietly and rest. This is very important for the pulse diagnosis.

Preparation for appointment:
Please observe the guidelines below in preparation for your appointment. These guidelines concern every following consultation.
Since diet and behaviour strongly influence your physical and mental condition, you are advised as follows:

1-2 days before the consultation:
Do not take any vitamins or beetroot (which can influence the colour of the urine), or acid forming drinks such as orange juice. If you are taking regular medicines from your doctor, you may continue to take them. However, please remember to tell Amchi Lobsang which medicines you are taking, or bring them along to show him.

​The evening before the consultation:
Do not take alcohol and coffee & do not eat very spicy food. Avoid strenuous physical activities, avoid mental strain, and try to get a good night's rest.

Information about the consultation

On the day of consultation

Collect your first morning urine in a transparent glass jar. Make sure that the jar is very clean, otherwise the urine can be contaminated and change colour. Urine diagnosis is an important part of the consultation. On the day of the consultation, please eat a light breakfast or lunch, preferably without any coffee or black tea (you can have herbal tea).

A consultation costs €53,75. The price of the food supplement ranges from €25,00 to €55,00 per month.

Please be aware that we do not have a card machine. Kindly bring enough cash for your appointment. Thank you.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please let us know by telephone as soon as possible, in any case not later than two days before your scheduled consultation. Otherwise you will be charged the full price of the consultation.

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