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Tibetan Massage

Sowa Rigpa or Tibetan Medicine is a holistic approach to healing in which the balance between body and mind determines the state of health. This balance is maintained by three types of energy, which regulates all of the functions in the body: loong (wind energy), Tripa (heat energy), and Badkan (cold energy).


Loong energy regulates all the movement in the body, which includes breathing, the movement of the muscles, blood circulation, the nerve system and the emotions such as nervousness, fear, anxiety and pain.

Tripa energy regulates the body temperature, helps in digestion, absorption and assimilation of food. Also it is responsible for intelligence and anger.

Badkan energy regulates all the bodily fluids, such as lymph system, mucus, and gastric and intestinal juices. It stabilizes and causes obscuration of mind.
One is healthy when these energies are in balance. If this state of dynamic equilibrium is disturbed, then complaints or diseases can rise. The most common causes of such a disturbance are an unwholesome diet, improper behavior, changes in the climate, and mental condition.

Tibetan Massage Therapy: 

Tibetan massage therapy is known as Ku – Nye. Ku-Nye means lubricating the parts of the body with warm oil. This is very old therapy, which has been practicing in Tibet for centuries. Traditionally there are different types of Tibetan massage such as oil massage, pressure point massage and Hormay therapy.


1. Oil massage is beneficial for balancing the busy mind and stressed body.  This method comprises of head massage, hand & foot massage and full body massage.
Benefits of massage therapy in general are:

                    - Stabilizing the energy of the body

                    - Lubricating parts of the body

                    - Relaxing the busy mind

                    - Emaciated body

                    - Improves the weak and tense muscles

                    - Helps balancing loong energy

                    - Good for weak kidneys

                    - Helps digestive system

                    -  Strengthen the nervous system

                    - Balance the mental tension

                    - Good for insomnia


2. Pressure points massage:


This massage is applied without oil on the particular points to open the channels & Chakras. It helps in cleaning the sensory organs. Pressure points massage will stimulate the blockages and helps in clearing the mind. Clear mindedness will help us to think mindfulness. This is beneficial for cleansing and healing the emotions.

3. Hormey Therapy:

This therapy is applied by warming herbal pack in the warm oil and applied on the several body points. Hormey therapy helps in treating loong disorders, mental and emotional problems. It is beneficial for tinnitus, panic attack, depression, fear, worry, headache, shoulder pain, neck pain and good for clearing the tension in the head.

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